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 Getting Ready for Your Session


Are you getting excited about your upcoming session? I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun! I wanted to share with you some tips to make sure we're all on the same page and ultimately give you the absolute best photos!

So, here we go...

Hilburn Family


Please be on time! I am a natural-light photographer, so the sun dictates how long I can photograph you. A shoot lasts 30 minutes...if you show up late to your session, an extension is not guaranteed. I just want to be honest in advance and let you know that I want the BEST photography experience for you. Being on time achieves exactly that!

Testa Family

I want every photo to really capture who YOU are, so feel free to bring along anything that really reflects your personality or is meaningful to you. A blanket is always a great option. 

When it comes to posing, that will be the easiest part. My style has a "photojournalistic" feel, so there will be a lot of natural interaction and reactions to the camera. This allows me to capture you in your most comfortable state. Of course, I will do the traditional posed shots as well, but the candids are always the most fun and always turn out to be my client's favorite shots.

Most importantly, be yourself, relax, laugh, and have lots of fun.


If you can avoid it, try not to wear glasses. It causes an unsightly glare across your eyes and blocks the camera from seeing your beautiful face in its entirety.


If you absolutely must wear your glasses please be aware of the glare and that it is almost impossible to remove in post-processing.

And please no sunglasses (except in situations that call for them)...everyone already knows you're cool! :)

Tatum + Kristen



Avoid wearing neon and bright colors. With the brightness of the sun, neon will reflect its color back onto your face which makes for very unappealing photos, not to mention how difficult the reflective color is to remove in post-processing. Instead, try to wear clothes that are pastel or medium-light to dark neutral in color for these tend to photograph the best.


If you really want to wear neons or prints, I suggest wearing a pastel or darker colored article of clothing over it to diffuse its brightness and add dimension.


I'm sure you got it all figured out in terms of what to wear, but just in case you're on the fence or need ideas here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out clothes. Choose a color theme that simplifies the look of your portrait. Too many busy patterns and colors are especially distracting. Colors should be harmonious. Color coordination lends harmony to your portrait. Coordinate, not match, clothing for all subjects in a group portrait so that one person will not dominate the scene. Choosing solid colors is usually flattering to everyone. A busy pattern, although distracting, can work in some instances.



The most important clothing tip I can give you is to wear clothes that are comfortable and that are you!

Try wearing things that are loose and flowy rather than saggy and baggy. The more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable you'll look in your portraits.


Believe me, the camera captures everything and the less your mind is on how you look, the more your mind can be on how fabulous your photos are going to turn out!


Well, that's it!

As always, if you have any questions or if you would like to reschedule your session just let me know.

Otherwise, I will see you soon!

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